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Average lifespan: 13 years

Care: Keep them clean. Periodically wipe down the gaskets (that rubber stripping that runs around the door to form the seal), and twice a year, pull the big guy out and vacuum the dust that’s accumulated behind it.

Repair or replace? Refrigerators are often worth repairing because they are expensive to replace. However, if your refrigerator is 20 years old, and your compressor goes, spring for a new fridge.

HVAC Systems

Lifespan: 15 years

Care: Regular maintenance could add five to 10 years to the life of an air-conditioning system. Replace filters every three to six months.

Repair or replace? HVAC systems have many mechanical parts, including fan blades or capacitors, that should be replaced if the rest of the system is still sound. However, if your unit is old, leaking coolant, has deteriorated coils or a broken compressor, it’s time may have come.”

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There’s no guaranteed method of determining whether a repair or replacement is your best option for your home appliance. Components fail which could lead to bigger problems down the road. Unfortunately, there is no telling how long these parts will last outside of their warranty period. That’s why having an experienced technician to answer these questions for you will help you make the right choice.

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