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“Unfortunately, heating is the second most common way residential fires begin. Dust and other debris within your furnace could catch on fire. So be sure the area around your furnace and outdoor unit is clean.

Changing your air filter is important in the winter. If your filter is dark, this means a lot of dust has gathered on the filter.
The dirty filter will cause your fan inside your furnace to run harder and can significantly increase your energy bill.

Gas-powered systems especially should always be maintained safely. If you smell gas, or if your carbon monoxide detector is going off, then you should immediately leave your home and call 911.”

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Just like your car, a furnace needs regular maintenance as well. Ensuring that all of its components are in proper working around will save you from bigger problems later on. Furthermore, as stated above, there is a safety element to maintaining a furnace. Having your furnace inspected will drastically reduce the possibility of a catastrophe such as a fire occurring due to being faulty.

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