You are currently viewing Is your furnace in need of a tune-up? Don’t ignore these warning signs

“1. Your Heating Bill Is Higher Than Usual
Was your heating bill higher than it usually is last winter? It could just be that we got hit with a particularly cold season… It could also be that your furnace needs to get looked at.

Furnaces that are pulling more gas or electricity than they have in years past are units that are almost always suffering from thermostat issues, vent clogs or any number of other fixable problems.

2. Dust Is Emanating From Your Unit
If your furnace has forced air, the heat that it blows out should be free of dust. While it can be hard to see dust blowing out of your unit, try to assess whether or not your house gets dustier when your furnace is on versus when it’s off.

Dust build-up on counters and tables when you have your furnace running is a sign that your unit and any vents that it’s attached to need to be cleaned by a professional. Left unattended, dust and other allergens that push out of a furnace can cause reactions and may exacerbate breathing conditions like asthma.”

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Other signs include the color of the flame and any strange noises that occur. If you notice anything out of the ordinary it is best to have your furnace looked at right away. In doing so, you might avoid potential disaster or at the very least a more costlier headache.

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