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“Furnaces are probably the most common type of heating system in use today, with industry estimates placing gas furnaces in about 60 percent of American homes. Older furnaces are not very efficient, but newer models contain new technologies and features that can boost efficiency to extremely high levels.”

The three most common types of furnaces are:

1. Gas: Gas furnaces use natural gas, a plentiful natural resource. The majority of furnaces in operation are natural gas models. A natural gas furnace may actually cost less to operate than an air-source heat pump, even though its heating efficiency is much lower.

2. Oil: Oil furnaces burn fuel oil to produce heat. The oil is typically provided by a local supplier who delivers the fuel in bulk and stores it in a tank in or near your home. The fuel supply for oil furnaces must be monitored to make sure the oil doesn’t run out when you need it most. Heating oil and propane, another type of furnace fuel, are both relatively expensive.

3. Electricity: Electric furnaces warm your home by using electricity to power heating coils that generate heat. Since they do not burn fuel, they produce no exhaust gases or carbon monoxide that could pose a safety hazard in your home. They are more expensive to operate in most areas than gas furnaces since electricity costs more (BTU to BTU) than natural gas.”

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Replacing your furnace, no matter which type it is, can be costly. That’s why it is recommended to have a technician diagnose any problems to see if it can be repaired first. Doing so, may extend the life of your furnace by years saving you money in the process.

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