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“We are called out for blockages more often at that time of year, and the issue is most often related to things such as fruit and vegetable peels. Though a garbage disposal may handle the peels just fine at times, the truth is that they are not designed for larger amounts, nor are the pipes prepared to handle what will come down.

The disposal can do its job well in most cases by grinding food scraps well, but where do they go next? They go down the pipes where they are packed like sausage in a casing, and before you know it, there is a good blockage of food scraps and you need a plumber to snake the drain.

Best practice is to clear plates of most scraps into a trash can, then move on and only let minor residue go down the drain. I’ve practiced this in my own home with large family gatherings for years, and I just don’t suffer blockages.”

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Garbage disposals are great for when you have small bits of food that you want to wash away quickly. However, you should never clear your plate of food by dumping uneaten portions. The drain will most certainly not clear at some point and sewer systems have enough problems with inappropriate things flushed down toilets. Also, you obviously should never dispose of fats like grease through garbage disposals either.

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