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“Although it costs more to purchase and install a central unit – and responsible owners also spend more on annual service calls for maintenance and inspection – if you plan to cool three or more rooms, the most cost-effective and energy-efficient choice is the central unit. A central unit has greater resale value, so you recoup more of your investment if you sell your home. The weightiest factor, however, is that three window units typically use more energy than a single central unit. Also consider that three rooms likely is a large portion of the home, and every time you travel between cooling zones with a window unit, you’re leaking cool air, making your unit work harder. However, neither unit will work efficiently and save money unless it is properly sized. Carefully research your choices before purchasing.”

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While there is no doubt that the purchase and installation of a central unit is much more expensive than window units, the key thing to remember is your return on investment. With a central air conditioning unit you can effectively cool your entire home. Purchasing 3 or 4 window units may cool those rooms but depending on their BTU’s their reach outside of those rooms might not go far. Not to mention that your electric bill will skyrocket with all of that energy being used.

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