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“For nearly 50 years, Robert Nolen and his wife have called a 1,500 square foot house their home. And for as long as he can remember, he’s used just one heating and air conditioning company.

“They said the air conditioner, my air conditioner, was low on gas and I’ve had it about 10 years and they said, ‘Well the warranty is out and you need to just go ahead and get a new air conditioner.’ Well, I thought they knew what they were doing and what I should do so I said, ‘Well, OK,'” Nolen explained.

So instead of just filling his existing unit with gas, the company sold him a new air conditioner plus a new furnace and electronic thermostat. According to Donelson Air, it’s a high-efficiency system that not only heats and cools the air, but cleans it as well. It’s also their most expensive system.

Nolen insists the Donelson Air employee never told him that he’d be paying nearly $19,000 for his new air conditioning and heating system and another $13,000 for their highest level service plan for a grand total of $32,275.”

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Considering that Mr. Nolen is 90, should he live to 100 he’ll be able to pay off the entire contract before he dies. An honest company would have simply repaired his current air conditioner which likely just needed to be refueled. He certainly didn’t need a top-of-the-line model for his 1500 square foot home.

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