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“Of all the mechanical systems installed in homes today, few are as mystifying as the heat pump. It’s not a furnace, but it can warm your home. And it’s not an air conditioner, but it can cool your home. How’s that possible? Will it save you money? Is it effective at any temperature? Is it better than a gas furnace?

Here’s a brief explanation of exactly what a heat pump is and how it works.

Simply stated, a heat pump is an all-in-one heating and cooling device that’s designed to keep your home comfortable all year round. It consists of two main components: an indoor air handler and an outdoor heat pump, which is similar to a central air-conditioning unit. Inside the pump is a compressor that absorbs and then releases heat. In summer, the heat pump operates much like a central air-conditioner, absorbing heat from inside your home and expelling it outdoors. In winter, the process reverses and the pump absorbs heat from the outside air and delivers it indoors to heat your home.”

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While heat pumps are better suited for moderately cold climates, they can still be beneficial in regions with long frigid winters. When combined with a gas furnace, the two appliances can work in tandem to to move heat around inside your home. Generally, heat pumps won’t cost as much while in use than traditional heating systems. That’s because they are transferring heat from one area to another instead of generating.

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