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“Ken Pinkela, 53, recently purchased a Dandelion system that will provide heating, cooling and hot water for his home in Otisville, N.Y., a town about 80 miles northwest of New York City. He had been wanting for years to reduce emissions by replacing his old oil furnace with a geothermal heat pump, but thought it was too expensive.

After consulting with Dandelion earlier this year, he realized it was within reach. The cost of a $41,000 system came down to $18,000 after state and federal incentives. He anticipates a payback on the investment in about nine years.

“I keep telling my friends, it’s not just that I’m excited about this,” he says. “It’s that I couldn’t afford not to do this.”

Even in Minnesota, where temperatures regularly drop well below freezing in the winter, heat pumps are beginning to gain traction. Minnesota Power says that last year, about 350 customers installed heat pumps, up from about 50 to 70 annually in prior years. The utility, which offers rebates to help offset installation costs, has lately been promoting heat pumps to its customers.”

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Heat pumps have slowly begun to increase in popularity thanks to their eco-friendly technology and savings over time. Sure, the initial set up and installation costs can be tough to swallow. However, think of it like an investment such as owning a car. Eventually, you’ll save money on energy costs while helping the environment. Heat pumps have come a long way over the last several years being able to extract heat even from frigid outside air.

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