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Summer Solutions

If your air conditioning system stops working, Martin says the first step is to check the batteries in your thermostat; ensure they haven’t died. “Then, check the breaker to your AC unit to make sure that hasn’t tripped,” he says, adding that you should also check your filter (it can become dirty and cause your unit to stop). If none of these items seem to be the problem, it’s time call in a professional.

Winter Weather Woes

If, on the other hand, your heating unit stops working, try following similar steps: check your thermostat’s batteries, look in on the breaker, and take a look at the filter. If everything appears to be in order, then make sure your gas is on, notes Martin. “If you notice any odors or smell a burnt or smoky scent, you will want to call the utility company or fire department to check for a gas leak,” he warns. Your next step? Get that professional in there.”

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One of the best things you can do to ensure your HVAC continues to operate smoothly is preventative maintenance. An annual visit by an HVAC professional is akin to taking your car to the mechanic for inspection. Any defects or problems should be discovered and dealt with before serious damage occurs.

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