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Your food is spoiling before its expiration date
If your food seems to be going bad much faster than usual, it could mean your fridge is faulty—but not necessarily. First, check your temperate settings. If the temperature is within the normal range but you’re still having a problem, the next step is to check that the door seals are tight.

Your freezer is too cold
Yes, that’s actually possible. According to the FDA, the temperature of your freezer should be exactly zero degrees. So, if your freezer feels as if it is more than freezing, it can be a sign that something has gone wrong.

You can hear the motor
Of all the home appliances, refrigerators tend to be on the loud side. But if you haven’t noticed its sound for years and suddenly you start to hear the motor out of nowhere, that’s not a good sign.”

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Other factors involving potential warning signs include excessive condensation or frost buildup as well as high energy usage. Perhaps your electric bill has gone up unexpectedly. Faulty components in your refrigerator could contribute to that.

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