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Appliance Fixes You Can DIY

Unclogging range ignition ports: Boil-overs can leave burners on a gas range with clogged ignition ports, resulting in a burner that doesn’t light properly—or a weak or uneven flame. Remove the burner heads, then clean the ports with a toothbrush.

Replacing a fridge door gasket: If your refrigerator door lets out a draft or even pops open on its own, it’s probably time for a new gasket. First, check to make sure yours isn’t just dirty: Spills and food bits can build up and prevent the gasket from forming a good seal. If, on inspection, you notice cracks or damage, it’s time for a new gasket. Remove the old one and install a model-specific replacement. Consult your owner’s manual for the details.

Repairs You Should (Probably) Never Try

Fixing a leak on your fridge’s sealed refrigerant system: It’s best to avoid contact with the potentially toxic gases in the circulating refrigerant. Also, making solid connections to copper parts involves brazing (similar to welding).

Replacing the bearings on a front-load washer: They’re usually at the back of the drum, so you have to disassemble the outer cabinet and drum to reach them. That requires keeping track of all the electrical connections as you go so that you can reassemble later.”

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Basically, anything that doesn’t require a tool to perform a repair job should be safe enough to perform by yourself. For instance, if you need to change a filter in your HVAC system. Now, if a repair calls for even something as simple as a screwdriver, the task at hand may not be so simple. This is especially true when electrical components are involved which might lead to a dangerous situation.

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