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More efficient use of energy to heat water. Since you’re not heating a giant tank of water for hours, days or even weeks when you might not be home, you’ll obviously save in energy expense.

Unlimited stream of hot water. You can take one or 100 showers in a row and you will most likely have the same enjoyable steaming hot water.

Longer lifespan. Most tankless water heaters will last longer than your average traditional tank unit.

Upfront costs. The biggest disadvantage of tankless water heaters is the initial cost

Limited hot water supply. This might sound like a contradiction to one of their biggest pros mentioned above of unlimited water supply, but it’s not. While a tankless water heater will deliver an unlimited stream of hot water, they struggle to deliver a lot of hot water at one time.

Slower hot water delivery. This is not always the case, but depending on how far your faucet is from the unit, delivery can be a bit slower than a tank unit.”

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Taking everything into consideration, we still feel that tankless water heaters are a great option. Sure it might cost you more in the beginning but their durability over the years will make up for that. Also, unless you have a very large family, the chances of needing hot water from more than one fixture at an extended time are slim. Of course, the endless stream of hot water is perhaps the best benefit of tankless water heaters.

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