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“Dear Ken: I have mostly oak floors in my home. During the winter, I hear a lot of creaking sounds. Could it be the floors? Would a humidifier help? —Donna

Answer: Houses make lots of odd noises in cold weather as wood components expand and contract with temperature changes. Wood floors are particularly susceptible because they also are affected by lower wintertime humidity. As the boards react by shrinking ever so slowly, they can indeed creak and pop. Bottom line: A whole-house humidifier on your furnace would contribute to a “healthier” home — not to mention the salutary health benefits for you and the family.”

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In the cold dry winter, lack of humidity in the rooms of your home can lead to discomfort or even minor health complications. Perhaps you’ve tried small room humidifiers throughout the house. While they’ll certainly help, it’s not very practical to have to refill them every day. There’s also a good chance some areas will be more or less humid than others. With a whole-house humidifier, you can have comfort throughout your entire home.

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