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“A gas furnace malfunction sparked a fire in the basement of a Fairfax County home Tuesday evening causing $90,000 in damage, according to authorities.

The incident occurred on the 15200 block of Eagle Tavern Way in the Virginia Run subdivision in Centreville.

Crews reportedly rapidly extinguished the fire, and there were no civilian or firefighter injuries, but sadly one cat was found deceased.

Three occupants were home at the time of the fire and discovered it when one of the residents smelled something burning and then discovered a fire in their utility room in the basement.”

Original story and photos can be found here.

Fire spreads extremely quickly and even when you’re home it may be too late to prevent serious damage. It was fortunate that someone discovered it when they did or things might’ve been much worse. Unfortunately, furnaces that aren’t maintained or inspected are extremely prone to dangers like this. It’s important that you regularly have such appliances inspected, especially if they are older.

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