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“High temperatures encourage accelerated growth of bacteria in garbage disposals. It’s usually the parts not easily accessed — like the rubber splash guard and the top of the disposal chamber —that accumulate food particles.

There are two good tools for this cleaning operation: a round toilet bowl brush and a toothbrush. Saturate the toilet brush with liquid ammonia, then swab it around the insides of the disposal, paying close attention to the splash guard and disposal chamber. Because the brush barely fits into the hole, and because there will be a lot of crud on it, cover it with an old towel before you withdraw it to avoid splatter. Repeat until the innards are clean, then use the toothbrush to get whatever remains under the splash guard.”

Read more information about cleaning your garbage disposal here.

If you want to add a little freshness to your garbage disposal after cleaning, there is an easy fix. Just dump a few handfuls of ice along with a little bit of lemon in the disposal unit and grind it up. That should eliminate any remnants of foul odor and give it that clean smell.

If the problem with your garbage disposal goes beyond a bad smell, call Apple Valley Eagan Appliance at 952-953-0080. Our appliance repair experts have years of experience troubleshooting a variety of home appliances and saving our customers money instead of them purchasing a new unit.