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“New HVAC federal regulations will be going into effect as soon as January 2023, but a local heating and air conditioning company is urging customers to change their system now to avoid even higher prices.

”I think everyone has seen these prices increases through the grocery stores, through every other item that they have. Air conditioning systems are no different,” says Innovative Air Solutions owner Robert Currie.

He says supply chain issues and spiking prices are making it difficult to find what you need in a timely manner.

“We’ve had five, eight-percent price increases in the last 13 months,” Currie said. “Which is a 40-percent price increase but there’s more fun yet to come.”

And new HVAC federal regulations are being set that will send those prices even higher.

And those higher efficiency units are currently backlogged for up to six months. That’s something that could affect customers as soon as this summer as manufacturers begin to make new units that will be up to standards.”

Read more about these new regulations here.

According to the Farmers’ Almanac the 2022 summer season is going to be brutally hot across the U.S. If your AC/HVAC system is failing you should consider getting it fixed now. If that’s not possible, think about replacing it so you won’t suffer later on.

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