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“Research shows that the coronavirus spreads more easily when temperatures and humidity are low. A July analysis by aerosol research scientist Ajit Ahlawat and his colleagues found that the chances of airborne transmission of the coronavirus in dry places are higher than in humid areas.

That’s because coronavirus particles in drier, less humid air absorb less moisture and therefore remain aloft longer. That makes them more likely to be inhaled and infect someone new. Plus, coronavirus particles become more stable as temperatures and humidity levels decrease, helping them remain stable enough to infect a new host when they arrive.

What’s more, like the flu, the coronavirus is ensconced in a fatty layer called a lipid envelope that helps it survive the journey from one person to the next. This sheath dries out more quickly in higher temperatures. Wetter air can also work against the protective layer by wreaking havoc on the structure of the lipid envelope, inactivating the virus.”

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Limiting the transmission of the coronavirus is just one reason why you should consider getting a whole-house humidifier. Other considerations include helping to combat allergies, reducing symptoms from skin disorders like eczema, getting better sleep, and even keeping your furniture protected from harsh elements. Installation isn’t difficult as these types of humidifiers tie in directly to your HVAC system.

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