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Pro #1. Automatic Humidity Control

With both portable and HVAC whole house humidifiers — the biggest benefit is that they automatically control indoor humidity and keep it at a comfortable level.

Pro #2. Low Maintenance

This pro is largely for HVAC inline whole home humidifiers. With the ducted humidifiers, you basically just have to change the evaporator panel (filter) once a year, and at that time, it’s also a good idea to give it a good wipe down to get rid of any mineral (scale) debris.

Con #1. Expense

The upfront expense of a furnace whole home humidifier range from the $150 and all the way up to $800 for high quality steam humidifiers. And if you hire a competent contractor to install the humidifier, you can add another $250 to $500 on top of that.

Con #2. Mold & Mildew

As I addressed earlier, HVAC inline whole home humidifiers require very little maintenance, though portable units require frequent cleaning and water changes.

The downside of humidifiers is that if you don’t properly maintain them, mold and mildew can grow in your HVAC system or inside the portable humidifier.”

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A lot of people tend to use a humidifier just in their bedroom to help control air moisture. While this is great for when you’re sleeping it doesn’t account for the other times spent inside your home. The living room is perhaps the 2nd most frequented spot in homes easily accounting for several hours. As such, you’re not getting the full benefits of humidity control.

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