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“Replacing your home’s heating system costs thousands of dollars. If you need new equipment, it’s important to make the right decisions about what to buy and who to hire to install it. How well a new system performs, how much it costs and how much energy it uses depend heavily on what you buy and the quality of installation work.

When comparing equipment, it’s important to understand that features such as variable-speed blowers and two-stage burners that reduce energy usage won’t be reflected on their models’ efficiency ratings. That’s because ratings are determined while equipment operates at full capacity.

A variable-speed blower, for example, usually runs at a constant low speed to maintain the correct temperature, increasing speed and energy use only as needed. If you are comparing the energy efficiency of two different units with similar energy-efficiency ratings — one with variable-speed capability and the other without — the one that can run at variable speeds will use less energy.”

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You’ll want to contact a least a few HVAC contractors for quotes to ensure you’re getting a fair rate. While it might be tempting to go with the cheapest offer, that’s not always the best choice. Research each company’s reputation by checking reviews and BBB affiliation. That way you’ll know you’re dealing with a reputable contractor.

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