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Q: Why is my heating bill so hefty this winter?

A: The largest part of your winter bill is the commodity cost of natural gas, which your utility passes down to you with no mark-up. (It’s a state rule.) Natural gas prices have also risen over the past six months as demand has outstripped supply. Plus, record U.S. exports of liquid natural gas have put pressure on domestic supply.

In January, residential customers of CenterPoint — Minnesota’s largest natural gas supplier — were paying 27% more per therm of gas than a year ago, according to data provided by the company. And commodity gas prices in January had actually fallen from December and November.”

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Residents of Minnesota (and the U.S.) have felt the pain at the pump due to rising gas prices. Unfortunately, these increases in gas and oil prices are also affecting utility bills. For some, it’s becoming difficult to adjust to these soaring costs. Although, you may pay more upfront perhaps switching to a more efficient heating source is the way to go.

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