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“Although a water heater should provide hot water for your home for several years without problems, at some point, all water heaters fail.

When this happens, the heater may spring a leak, causing significant water damage in your home. Because of this possibility, some people choose to replace the water heater when it shows signs of wear before it fails.

Some of the signs that a water heater may be nearing the end of its useful lifespan include:

Leaking: A water heater tank that is leaking may have significant rust problems. It also may have a malfunctioning relief valve, causing pressure to build up to an unsafe level inside the unit. Occasionally, replacing the relief valve will fix the problem. Most of the time, though, the entire water heater tank needs replacing when a leak occurs. (Using a water leak detector can warn you early of a potential leak.)”

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Another sign of imminent water heater failure is if the water is cloudy. If you notice such water that usually indicates that sediment is built up and it might be related to the water softener not working correctly. Perhaps the most obvious sign of failure is if the water is cold. If that is the case a repair might be still possible and a qualified technician will be able to tell you as much.

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