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“‘It was frustrating. It was the most frustrating. I would get on the phone and my decibel level would go higher and I would have to leave the room where my mother was, and go to a different floor, close the door, and scream my head off,’ Meyers said.

Meyers said the store kept missing their repair appointments.

‘Four times and they never called me to say they weren’t coming,’ she said.

That despite the fact that the family has had a master service agreement with the retailer since 1962 that covers all appliances.”

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We know it can be extremely frustrating when a company gives you the runaround. Take the situation above, it took a news team investigation to get that repair company to honor their commitment. Homeowners should never have to go through that. It’s unfortunate, but companies like these have little respect for their customers.

At Apple Valley Eagan Appliance, we pride ourselves on our quick response time for our customers. If you’ve been left in the lurch by your repair company, contact us at 952-953-0080 and we’d be happy to assist. You would be in your right to send the bill to that company for not acting within the scope of your service agreement.