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“It’s expensive and perhaps not practical to load up on air-conditioning for the short duration of heat waves; however, there is a close relative of the air-conditioner — the heat-pump, which is a highly practical solution for the people of Maine. A heat pump is a system that acts as a heater in cold weather and as an air-conditioner in warm weather. Think of a simple window air-conditioner. In summer, it cools the air inside the home and releases the heat to the outside. If you installed the air-conditioner in your window backwards, essentially it becomes a heat pump, cooling the outside and releasing the heat to the inside. (But don’t put an air-conditioner in your window backwards!) Cold-weather heat pumps are now widely available and are steadily gaining in popularity. Efficiency Maine claims that more than 45,000 heat pumps have been installed in homes and businesses across the state over the past five years. They are likely to become even more popular since they will heat your home for a fraction of the cost of many alternatives.

Heat pumps are literally “super cool” as they provide heating, cooling and de-humidification. Also, they run on electricity and function without directly burning fossil fuels. To meet our climate goals, we must shift energy sources from fossil fuels to electricity, and our electricity must increasingly be generated from low-carbon sources.”

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It can be a bit confusing explaining to people that heat pumps indeed can heat or cool your home. In truth, this device is functioning as described as it is pumping heat either inside or outside of your home depending on the season. Since they do not burn oil or gas, heat pumps have been a great eco-friendly alternative to more traditional HVAC systems.

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