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“AC units tend to increase the overall value of a home. If you are installing a system into your home, but don’t plan on living there forever, you are likely to make the money you invested back when you sell. Selling a home with a brand new AC system can add up to 10% more value to the house’s final sale price versus a home with an older system. It follows that this return on investment would only increase when selling a home with an AC system against no climate control at all.

Potential buyers will likely be doing the mental math of installing an air conditioner themselves anyway and wanting to deduct that cost from their offer. An AC unit also makes it easier to market your home as a desirable place to live. The lifestyle boost temperature control can provide is an enviable one, particularly if you are selling in an area with consistently warm weather, like Texas, Florida, or Arizona.”

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Air conditioners continue to improve in efficiency so having a new unit installed for your home is a great asset to attract potential buyers. Plus, considering the average lifespan of an AC is between 15 and 20 years such buyers won’t need to worry about replacement for years to come.

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