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Here are 7 helpful hints for saving money on your water heater cost.

1. Decide on water heater repair vs. replacement. Does your present hot water heater still fall into the ‘slowing down on the job” camp? Call a reliable service person. If your heater’s not leaking or rusting or exploding, a good tuneup or repair might allow you to delay purchasing a replacement for another few years, especially if yours is relatively new.

2. Know expected lifespan. Know how long your water heater model is likely to last so you can plan ahead for the replacement, by getting your budget together and shopping around for the best price or special deal. A tank water heater normally lasts about 8-12 years, while you should get approximately 15 years of service from a tankless model.

3. Choose the right size. Traditional water heaters have tank sizes ranging from 20-100 gallons (though 40-80 is commonest). Avoid buying a unit that is too large for your needs; you’ll be overspending on water heater cost up front, as well as overpaying for energy throughout the entire life of your appliance.”

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One important factor to consider if you do replace your water heater is whether you should opt for a tankless water heater. These types of water heaters are often slimmer in size and provide hot water on demand. This can be great for areas where hot water is needed from a small number of fixtures. However, they may not be adequate enough to supply hot water to your entire home with just one unit.

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