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“2. It’s making weird noises. Groans, creaks and clangs are not noises that you should be hearing regularly. If your water heater makes it seem like your basement is haunted, that’s a sign that something is awry. Clanging can indicate a mineral build-up on the inside of your water heater tank, which hardens and increases as it ages. Your water heater becomes less efficient, as it takes more time to heat the water (and it continually heats up that sediment, which can make the tank more brittle).

4. Your water is cloudy or rusty. As your water heater ages, the tank can become rusty or have mineral build-up, both of which will eventually show up when you turn on the hot water in your bathroom or kitchen. Your hot water might also have a metallic or odd odor. Any of these issues indicate that a leak might be imminent. (Ideally, you should drain your hot water tank twice a year to minimize build-up.)”

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The most obvious sign would be if your water heating is leaking. If that is the case, do not hesitate to call a professional immediately for repairs. Any delay might lead to flooding which could cause catastrophic damage or worse.

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