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“One easy tip, switching your thermostat from analog to digital in order to better control the temperature in your home. Setting the temperature in your home appropriately, allows for better control of energy use, and maximizing your efficiency when running your air conditioning.

For the best efficiency, Dillan Keife, owner at Tru Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning says to follow three easy rules:

“Number one: change your filter air flow is key.

Number 2: set a thermostat schedule, so if you’re not home energy is not being wasted.

Thirdly: have it (your a-c) inspected annually by a professional, and serviced, so you can get ahead of issues that might be coming down the pike.”

On average, an inspection costs around $150, while a repair is upwards of $500, safe to say, routine maintenance is the way to stay cool, and keep your money where you want it.”

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A properly maintained central air conditioner system should last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. However, if neglected that lifespan might be cut to under 10 years or less. While it might seem like a hassle to get an annual inspection and maintenance plan, the time and small amount of money are certainly worth the risk. Think of it like auto insurance where you can have peace of mind knowing that your AC is in the best working condition possible.

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