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A central air-conditioning system uses a fan to draw warm air from the room towards a return vent, blowing it past coils that absorb heat and cool the air. The fresh air is then forced out into the home, and the heat is blown into the outside world.

In the typical American home with a central air-conditioning system, there is no option to use outside air. In homes where everyone is healthy, this is fine, but in homes where someone has the novel coronavirus or has been exposed to the virus, this can be dangerous.

“Some experts will recommend that you should turn off air conditioning systems, and I don’t think that’s a good approach,” said Chen. “If you don’t get enough fresh air, especially in the interior of a building, that will just create incubators of infection.”

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One variable that should be noted is whether someone in your home is infected with COVID-19. If so, then you should absolutely limit the airflow from your AC unit to other rooms. It’s suggested that by opening a window, fresh air will circulate throughout your home and thus lessen the concentration of the coronavirus. Now, if you live in an apartment complex that shares a central AC unit, you’ll want to contact your landlord immediately to assess any risk to you or your family.

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