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“Is your dishwasher not starting, filling or draining? Perhaps it’s just plain leaking. In any of these cases, friends and family may tell you, “Calling a dishwasher repairman isn’t worth it; better just buy a new one.” Feel free to ignore this not-so-sound advice.

Dishwasher repair — not replacement — is the solution of choice for a long list of problems with this important appliance. Repair is also faster, easier on your budget and more eco-friendly. So yes, it’s definitely worth it.

Find out practical solutions for common dishwasher malfunctions (some of them are DIY) and learn the cost to hire a dishwasher repairman or to purchase a replacement:”

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Such problems include the dishwasher not starting, filling, or draining. Also, leaks are one of the leading issues that homeowners might face as well. Depending on the age of your dishwasher, it might make sense to replace if it is closer to a decade in age. However, if you purchased it within the last few years then getting it fixed is probably the way to go.

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