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“Spending more time at home means utility bills are likely to go up, but costs can be reduced by making simple but effective changes. Lauren Greutman, a consumer finance expert and mother of six children, told Business Insider how she saves hundred of dollars each month by altering how she uses her utilities.

She suggests making simple adjustments like unplugging appliances that aren’t in use and, for those who have access to their hot water heaters, she recommends turning them down to below 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Take a look at the ways you can be saving on your monthly bills by modifying your energy use.”

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One suggestion recommends unplugging certain appliances while not in use. Although, with anything that performs heating or cooling this really isn’t an option. Speaking of heating, using dryer balls when doing laundry will help speed up the drying process. This means less time necessary to dry your clothing. You may also want to run your appliances such as a dishwasher at night or during off-peak hours. Consult with your electrical supplier to determine their typical rates and peak usage hours.

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