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“Police say a Yakima, Wash. man is under arrest after he shot at his refrigerator, believing someone was shooting at him after a soda can exploded.

Officers responded to the scene on Saturday after receiving reports that the man had opened fire at a refrigerator.

When police arrived, they say they found the man outside the home in an alleyway, “yelling incoherently” with a gun lying in the middle of the road.

After he was taken into custody, police say witnesses told them what happened.”

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The way events unfolded as described by the shooter are pretty surreal. Apparently, he had been placing soda cans in the fridge when one unexpectedly exploded. While uncommon, that’s not something that is unheard of. He had told police that he believed people living in his basement opened fire on him and that’s why he shot back. How that translates to shooting at one’s refrigerator is anyways guess!

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