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“‘If you have a garbage disposal and you notice an unpleasant smell around your sink, you may need to clean your garbage disposal,’ says Jake Romano, the Manager at John the Plumber(opens in new tab).

Jake explains that the food particles are likely to cause an unpleasant odor after they accumulate inside the machine, so it’s important to clean your garbage disposal often. But Jake doesn’t use chemicals or invasive techniques. Instead, he uses ice. Here’s how he does it.

First, you should take your ice from the freezer and empty it into the sink. Then you should turn on your cold water (but not on full blast). Before running the garbage disposal, you should fill the drain with as much ice as possible.

After filling your drain with ice, and (important!) removing your hands from the area, you are ready to turn on the garbage disposal.”

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Of course, you’re sure to smell foul odors coming from your garbage disposal after trying this trick. To combat this, you can use some wedges of citrus in your disposal unit to cover up the smell. Obviously, if there is a mechanical issue then ice will do nothing to resolve the problem. In that case, you’ll need a professional to inspect and repair it.

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