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“New regulations are bringing some significant changes to the HVAC industry, while supply chain issues are causing equipment shortages, as well as a steady stream of price hikes from manufacturers. All these issues may be of concern to end users who are in the market for new HVAC equipment. Several have contacted The ACHR NEWS, wondering if they should wait for the new equipment to hit the market before replacing their units.

Given all the current uncertainties in the marketplace, many contractors believe that if the end user needs a new system in the near future, the time to buy may be now.

New Refrigerants

One of the reasons why end users may be apprehensive about buying new systems is that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) started phasing down the production of high-GWP refrigerants this year and is expected to ban the use of R-410A in new equipment starting in 2025. With low-GWP, lower flammability (A2L) refrigerants such as R-32 and R-454B hitting the market in the next year or two, they wonder whether R-410A will still be available to service their existing systems — and at what cost.”

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Aside from the cost of refrigerants, the new SEER2 efficiency standard is set to begin Jan. 1st 2023. What this means is that some HVAC equipment sold below that standard will no longer be allowed to be manufactured. This would naturally force an increase in pricing to meet such a demand.

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