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“1. Nonstick cookware. Dishwashing soap is more abrasive than you think, and can scratch things up. So nonstick cookware doesn’t hold up very well in the dishwasher.

2. Anything made of wood. Wood can warp or crack from the heat. Especially cutting boards. So when they need a deep clean, scrub them with baking soda instead.

3. Cast iron skillets. It ruins the “seasoning,” which is what cast iron is all about. And it can make them rust. So it’s better to just clean them right away with hot water.”

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One thing that many people might be unaware of is how dishwashing detergent affects sharp knives. Over time, they will become dull so wash them by hand if you want to avoid sharpening them more frequently. Plastic items may or not be able to be put in the dishwasher too. If it doesn’t say “dishwasher safe” don’t take the risk as it might melt!

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