You are currently viewing Covid-19 pandemic putting a strain on dishwasher use

“Bosch home appliances, the award-winning market leader in dishwashers for over a decade, today announced the expansion of its dishwasher portfolio alongside new research in partnership with Reckitt Benckiser conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic. Amplified by more cooking, experimenting and time in the kitchen, followed by months of rigorous dishwasher use, the study found increased demand for cleaning, drying, capacity and convenience in this category as Americans seek a deeper, more hygienic clean throughout the home and kitchen.

“Bosch continuously strives to infuse our dishwasher portfolio with consumer-driven innovations, especially during a time when it feels like the dishes never stop,” said Bosch home appliances Brand Director Anja Prescher. “With an even stronger understanding of how users are interacting with their dishwashers as a result of an unprecedented year, we are incredibly proud to expand our award-winning portfolio with enhanced ADA compliant dishwashers, bringing our sophisticated technology, quality performance and purposeful features to more households across America.””

Read more about this study here.

Since many restaurants are either closed or operating at less capacity, many people are forced to eat at home 24/7. This, in turn, requires more dishware to be used for home-prepared meals. The ripple effect is that more dishes need to be cleaned which equates to more frequent dishwasher usage. As with anything, the more an appliance or machine is used the quicker it will wear or break down.

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