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“Ground-source heat pumps are a great way of heating. Apart from being quiet and cheap to run, they need little maintenance and last for ages. Heat pumps will help the shift away from traditional gas- and oil-fired boilers – in fact, the UK’s recent 10-point plan for a “green industrial revolution” envisages 600 000 heat pumps being installed in Britain every year by 2028. That’ll save the equivalent of 71 million tonnes of carbon-dioxide emissions (16% of the country’s total).

First developed in the 1940s by an American inventor called Robert C Webber after a bizarre incident in which he burned his hand on the hot outlet pipe from his domestic deep freezer, there are now countless ground-source heat pumps around the world. Study after study has shown that such systems are both effective and efficient. The reason why they’re not the number-one choice for heating buildings is simple: the up-front costs are high.”

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While ground-source heat pumps have been around for awhile, they obviously differ from air-source heat pumps. In cold climates, it is still possible for air-source heat pumps to warm your home. However, ground-source heat pumps are able to pull warm air more consistently since the ground is warmer at a certain depth versus outside air. Regardless of what the source is, both are better for the environment as no gas or oil is used to fuel them.

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