You are currently viewing Christmas tradition of presenting a water heater delights Pennsylvania man

“Corey Pries stepped onto the front porch of his Osceola Avenue home to answer a knock as the off-key rendition of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” came to a close and was replaced with laughter and applause.

“Holy crap! It gets better every year,” a beaming Pries exclaimed as his son, Hunter, joined him on the porch.

Pries, 43, knew exactly what was going on. His father, Richard, was the recipient of the “honor” two years ago. But to say he was surprised would be an understatement.”

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This tradition has been happening every year for 35 years. While it doesn’t seem like recipients get to actually keep and use the water heater, it’s more about the Christmas spirit. What started as a gag has turned into an annual celebration that local residents have become accustomed to.

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