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Squealing or clanging from your AC
When the weather heats up, owners of homes with central air might notice different sounds coming from their AC. “If the air filter isn’t replaced regularly, it will ultimately get totally plugged with dirt and dust,” Dan Deardan, owner of Just Right Heating and Cooling, told GoodHousekeeping. “This could cause the air handler to make a high pitched whining sound, and the same is true of your furnace filter.”

Thumping in washer
That thumping sound a washer sometimes makes—typically as a result of an unbalanced load—is more than just annoying. It could mean a problem with your balance ring, which is a ring filled with fluid positioned at the top of the tub to counterbalance your load. “Most drums spin at a velocity of 1,000 to 1,200 RPM, and because there’s not a lot of room in the machine, the drum is very close to the control board,” explains Scott McConnell, board member of the United Appliance Servicers Association and owner of Lake Appliance Repair based in Sacramento, California.

Flapping or clicking in fridge
One of the most common noises McConnell gets called about is one similar to the sound of a playing card caught in the spokes of a turning bicycle wheel. “Refrigerators rely on airflow to maintain temperature, so there are usually two or three fans in a fridge and freezer,” he explains. “That sound usually means there’s icing in and around the fan area. If you ignore it, you may come home from work to a warm fridge, which means you’re not just paying for the fan repair, you’re also losing money on spoiled groceries.””

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Depending on the appliance and severity of the issue causing the noise, any delay in repairs could make things much costlier. It’s best to address the problem right away. If your financial situation doesn’t allow for that, then avoid using that appliance as much as possible. You want to prevent any further damage from occurring.

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