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Gas and Electric Water heater: These are the most common water heaters. They consist of a big tank with heating elements, or a flame. The water is fed into the tank where it is kept warm until there is a demand for hot water.

A tank of the basic water heater comes in different sizes — the most common sizes are 40 and 50 gallons. There is generally a 6 -year warranty on these tanks.


  • Keeping water heated 24 hours a day can add a significant amount to the energy portion of your electric bill.
  • When all of the hot water that is in the tank is drained it can take a while to reheat.
  • Hot water can take a long time to feel hot at your faucet or shower.
  • recirculating pumps or timers can be installed to help alleviate these issues.

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If it is an endless amount of hot water you need, a tankless water heater might be the perfect solution. However, these are ideal for one or two fixtures at a time – not several. It’s best to evaluate when and where hot water is needed the most. The most logical place would be a shower that multiple family members use in a short span. As an example, you might opt to have a tankless water heater installed for such a shower fixture and a gas or electric water heater for the rest of the house.

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