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The most common repairs for your kitchen range

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“Your range, an all-in-one cooking appliance that includes a stove, several burners and one or more ovens, can last 14 years before needing replacement. They’re pretty sturdy. In fact, you can repair any damage without needing to replace the entire appliance.

This can save you the average $650 – $2,000 material price and an additional $100 – $200 in installation costs.

Most common range repairs include:

  • Crack(s) in the ceramic top
  • Lack of heat from the oven’s gasket
  • Control panel malfunctions
  • Broken thermostat or heating element”

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Many issues that might occur with your oven or range can be fixed by a professional quickly and easily. This is not to say that you should attempt any repairs on your own. Rather, the way range’s are constructed makes them accessible to do repair work.

If your range is acting up, call the pros at Apple Valley Eagan Appliance. We not only fix ovens and ranges but many other appliances too. Call us at 952-953-0080 or visit our appliance repair page for more information.

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