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“While many homes and buildings use gas water heaters, others use electric water heaters. Electric water heaters are a popular alternative to traditional gas models.

Not all homes and buildings have a natural gas line. As a result, gas water heaters are somewhat restrictive.

Unless a home or building has a gas line, it won’t be able to use a gas water heater.

It can, however, use an electric water heater.

Electric water heaters serve the same purpose as gas water heaters, with both types of water heaters creating warm water. The difference lies in their respective energy sources.”

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To make things a little more confusing, there are also tankless water heaters in both gas and electric variants. These units instantly heat up the water for on-demand usage. This solves the problem of running out of hot water when you have a large family. How many times have you run out of hot water because your sister, brother, husband or wife used it all up?

Whatever your choice is, the experts at Apple Valley Eagan Appliance can assist with installation. Only qualified professionals should perform maintenance or install water heaters. One must remember that there is a lot of pressure built up which could result in injury when not handled properly. Call us at 952-953-0080 or visit our water heater page for further details.