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“A Knoxville woman hired a repairman to fix her refrigerator eight months ago, but the repair never worked. So, the technician promised to return her money because there had been a warranty on the part. However, she’s never received a dime.

Patsy bought a new Frigidaire side-by-side refrigerator in May after an appliance repairman failed to fix her Kenmore in January. The repair receipt left by Knox County Appliance on January 18 did not have the part number for the replacement defroster unit. The $600 part had a 1-year warranty.

“It never worked from the day he put it in. He put it in. One hour later everything in my refrigerator, not my freezer, has frozen solid, all my vegetables,” said Patsy.”

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What transpired after the failed repair was a half-hearted effort for the repair company to make amends. Promises of a refund were made on numerous times but the client never received a check. That was until the news organization in from the article personally intervened. Finally, 8 months later a check was issued and received.

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