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“When the air conditioning went out for an older Broken Arrow couple, and they felt their home warranty company stalled on a repair, they called the 2 News Oklahoma Problem Solvers for help.

As the searing, stifling, summer heat of August started seeping into the Wards’ home in Broken Arrow, they knew they could be in trouble.

“Precious life is at stake, ” Judy Ward said.

Judy has diabetes and other health issues, but it’s her husband Ronnie, who suffered the most after their air conditioner broke down in early August.

When they called their home warranty company to get the A/C working, all of their in-network contractors were busy during the heatwave. The Wards said they were told it could be at least two weeks or longer for a service call.”

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It’s usually the elderly and disabled who are at great risk from heat-induced health issues. When there is a lengthy heatwave with no relief, it’s not a matter of tolerance but rather being able to breathe and avoid heatstroke. Unfortunately, many HVAC companies don’t prioritize their services based on need but instead on a first come first serve basis.

The team at Apple Valley Eagan Appliance understands the high demands of HVAC services during the hot summer months. Our expansive team of trained technicians allows us to keep up with this demand and provide prompt and reliable service. If your air conditioner is on the fritz call 952-953-0080 or check out our cooling services page for more information.