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“The Best Time to Buy an Air Conditioner is in the Off Season, Not the Winter.

The real key to getting the best price for your air conditioner, just as with any market (i.e. the stock market, the new Los Angeles housing bubble, etc.), is to work opposite of the market. You should be buying your air conditioner in the off season:

In the spring and fall, the weather is beautiful! It’s not too hot, and it’s not too cold – great for outdoor activities, and bad for the HVAC industry. Why? Think about it – if the weather is beautiful, do you run your air conditioner or furnace? Of course not! Why would you? And how can you know that something is broken if you never even turn it on? But the off season is exactly when you want to start shopping for your new AC system. So, the best time to buy an air conditioner is in the spring or fall to gain the most leverage. What’s leverage? Funny you should ask…we’ll talk about that a bit later.”

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While one could be hardly blamed for thinking the winter is the best time to buy an air conditioner, it’s important to realize the heating portion of the HVAC industry. As the article states when the weather is beautiful, people are less inclined to address any issues that their HVAC unit might be having. Therefore, you might be able to get the best bang for your money buy purchasing units during the offseason and taking advantage of certain promos that contractors offer.

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