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1. You have morning or nighttime congestion

Dry air from heaters or the climate outside, can cause your nasal passages to dry out, which may be behind your congestion. If you feel sick or have additional symptoms, you should see a doctor first and ask them if they recommend a humidifier for your condition.

2. You have dry skin and cracked lips

Dry air can lead to a host of annoying issues and your skin often takes a hit too. If you’ve been loading up on extra lotion, moisturizer and lip balm but can’t get any relief, dry air may be to blame. You can try using a humidifier at night or during the day to help.”

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Frequently occurring nosebleeds (when you previously didn’t have them) may also be a result of dry air. Having a humidifier for your home could drastically reduce the chance of dealing with any of these issues. While portable and small humidifiers may help, the best solution for your home would be to get a whole-house humidifier.

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