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Here are the food safety steps you need to take to stay healthy during a power outage:

  • Keep your food from going bad: Keep your fridge doors closed as much as you can to prevent the food inside from spoiling faster. The FDA states that the refrigerator will keep food cold for approximately 4 hours if it’s unopened, while a full freezer will keep its contents safe for 48 hours (24 hours if it’s half-full).
  • Make sure your meal is safe to eat: Use an appliance thermometer to see if your fridge temperature surpasses 40F at any time. If your meat, poultry, fish or eggs were in that warm of an environment for 2 or more hours, it’s not safe to consume.
  • Find foods to eat: Aside from grilling, you can stick to non-perishable goods and snacks

See a list of common foods and whether to keep them or not here.

During a heatwave, it’s not uncommon for power outages to occur. The constant use of many air conditioners puts a strain on power grids which can cause transformers to blow. If your home isn’t equipped with a generator, then you’re at the mercy of your electrical company. While there is the inconvenience of dealing with the lack of power to our favorite electronic devices, the contents in your refrigerator and freezer should be your primary concern.

While power outages are a nuisance in itself, a refrigerator that stops working is perhaps more frustrating and stressful. In that situation, food needs to be moved quickly to a neighbor’s refrigerator or in coolers with ice. At Apple Valley Eagan Appliance, our technicians offer emergency service to repair your ailing appliance. Before you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a new fridge, contact us to see what your best option may be. We can be reached at 952-953-0080 or visit our appliance repair page for more information.