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1. Check for any strange noises.
This may seem obvious, but we can quickly grow accustomed to a new noise an appliance in our home is making. Even a furnace that still seems to be working just fine might begin emitting some odd noises that don’t seem quite right. It’s similar to when your car makes a strange noise–best not to ignore that early sign of trouble. Getting an “innocent” noise checked by a professional could reveal a larger problem about to happen–that could save you money, time, and trouble.

2. Check for any strange smells.
If you have a gas furnace, any rotten-egg smell is a danger sign and should never be ignored—the smell is added to the gas to make it easily detectable. This is probably a gas leak and needs immediate attention by a trained furnace electrician or installer. Likewise, any burning plastic or smoke smells should never be ignored either. This could be a heating unit operating inefficiently or breaking down completely. If strange smells occur, turn off your furnace immediately, ventilate the area, and call for professional help.”

For a few other things that should be checked, go here.

In addition to the couple of items listed above, you’ll want to check the age of your furnace, the filter, and clear any clutter surrounding it. If neglected, a furnace might go at the least convenient time. Usually, when it’s working hard to combat the bitter winter cold. Regular maintenance and check-ups should at least provide a heads up of any potential issues that may soon appear.

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