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“If you’re noticing that your fridge isn’t keeping food as cool as it once had, Sara Morrow, deputy content editor at Consumer Reports, said cleaning the condenser coil may do the trick.

“This is something that you should really do every six months,” Morrow told “GMA.”

In a 2019 report, Consumer Reports said that condenser coils “collect dust, dirt, hair and debris, which restricts their ability to dissipate heat, limiting efficiency and potentially causing a breakdown.”

To prevent this from happening, use a soft brush attachment to gently vacuum the coils. You can locate the condenser coils on the underside or rear of the refrigerator.”

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You’d be surprised at how much dust and debris accumulate in unseen places over a short period. Fortunately, the above fix is one anyone can do and doesn’t require access to hidden-away parts. At worst, you’ll need to push your refrigerator away from the wall to clean the coils. While it may not fix the problem, it’s a good place to start if you’re having cooling issues.

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