You are currently viewing HVAC heat exchangers might become a lot more efficient soon

“Researchers from Tsinghua University and Brown University have discovered a simple way to give a major boost to turbulent heat exchange, a method of heat transport widely used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

In a paper published in Nature Communications, the researchers show that adding a readily available organic solvent to common water-based turbulent heat exchange systems can boost their capacity to move heat by 500%. That’s far better than other methods aimed at increasing heat transfer, the researchers say.”

Moving heat around with a heat pump is no small feat. Whether you want to cool your home by moving heat away or bringing heat inside from another source, the task remains the same. There are many benefits of heat pumps when compared to furnaces. These include lower operating and installation costs as well as no carbon monoxide. The only downsides are usually the size and, in some cases, performance during extremely cold weather.

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